Hit the Dance Floor With Confidence

Hit the Dance Floor With Confidence

Join us for a dance workshop in Houston, TX

Can you already dance, but want that one thing to do something a little different? Maybe, you and your friends just need to do something a little different - not the same old thing. Maybe, you just want to get the mind and body working together. Maybe, the holiday celebration needs to worked-off. A specialized dance workshop with Time to Dance in the Heights area of Houston can get you (and your friends) on the road to that goal.

Whether you want something to jazz up the office routine or you've been dying to get your friends out dancing, let us help. We can:

  • Get your office moving with a dance class
  • Teach your friends a few new steps
  • Host a dance workshop at your church

We're ready to pencil your group in on our calendar, so don't hesitate to sign up for a dance workshop. We'll teach you and all your friends how to loosen up and enjoy a dance. Schedule your dance workshop today.